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Consultant Team

Jeff Sutherland, together with Ken Schwaber co-founded Scrum in 1995. He is also one the signatories of the Agile manifesto. During his career, Jeff has been dedicated to promoting Scrum. His classes in Scrum and the Agile business approach has gained enthusiasm around the world and benefited Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Siemens, who have all invited Jeff to provide CSM/CSPO training and team transformation. Jeff is the Chief Executive Officer of Scrum Inc.; providing training, advice and counselling services for companies around the world. He is a senior advisor to the Chairman of the Scrum Training Institute and Open View Venture Partners (Boston Ventures). Jeff graduated from the U.S. Military Academy where he was also a United States Air Force (USAF) RF-4C pilot-in-command class leader. He has multiple degrees and a doctorate from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Stanford University.