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Consultant Team

Jens Østergaard is the world's first Certified Scrum Master and one of the leading Certified Scrum Trainers; With over 20 year’s experience in the software industry, Scrum management and practical experience. Since qualifying as CST in Copenhagen 2004, Professor Jens Østergaard has been providing Scrum training courses throughout Europe. Recently, he has expanded his lectures worldwide and certified over 8000 Scrum Master of which over 600 were his own students. He is one of the leading lecturers in the field. From a background in developing, Jens Østergaard later became DBA, team leader and project manager until he eventually became a Scrum Master. His 20 years of steady growth in the financial sector allows him to accurately understand and grasp the different roles within a Scrum team. He has vast experience in developing appropriate training strategies in order to adapt to the problems, challenges and opportunities they may encounter. Jens believes that practicing the concept of Scrum contributes to the improvement of a project’s entire development process, and is committed to the implementation of Scrum practices within an organization.