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Consultant Team

Trainer Wang has 16 years of experience in software development, project management and quality management, he once worked in HUAWEI Technology Co., IBM Solution and Services Co., China Mobile wireless data research and development center and QAI (Wholly-owned foreign Consultants Co.) and so on, served as project manager, senior expert of quality assurance, quality director, consultant and other positions. His profound theoretical knowledge , rich experience in consulting and make him with a friendly consultation style in award-winning in the industry recent years . In 2013, he was one of 7 winners from the Chinese association of software " China software engineering person of the year" (2014.05.30 award). In 2013, "Top100" global software case study summit selected his case (case name: The flexible software process design); 2009 Annual Conference on Software Engineering (CCSE/ Greek Cypriot network, 2009/11,Shenzhen), he obtained the title of "outstanding contribution expert”; In 2009 CMM/CMMI consulting and assessment of the industry's annual figures and best case selection activities (2009/11 Shenzhen), he won the industry's annual figure nominated once again ; by virtue of the submitted "CMMI - SVC service outsourcing enterprises in the implementation of case", he nominated for "best case" once again. 2008 annual conference on process improvement (CSPIN, the Chinese association of software system and process improvement branch), he got China software productivity prominent title of "cutting-edge consultant" (2008/09 Nanjing); In 2008 annual China CMM/CMMI consultancy and evaluation of industry person and best case selection activities (2008/11 Beijing), he was nominated for "industry person of the year". He Submitted "How accurate and detailed capture user needs - CMMI-3 requirements development process domain implementation case", this is the best case for the nomination. Specialty in: He is good at planning and building covered market, research and development, deployment, maintenance support to cover the whole value chain and business management system, model theory .He clearly understands and commands the various methods. He is good at integrate among IPD, CMMI/PCMM, BSC, 6Sigma, and ITIL and other models, standards or methodology, he solved the practical problems of the enterprise by joint application the various models / methodology, and he isn’t rigidly adhere to a specific model / standard. On the other hand, with the rich experience accumulated in the long-term development and management practice, he is especially good at training, guidance and consulting work in engineering and technology management, project management, he has a strong affinity to the staff staff at the grass-roots level(project manager, requirement analyst , architecture designers, design development engineers and test engineers), so that they can quickly realize the fun and benefits of management.