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State of Scrum Report released FINAL

DENVER, COLORADO — Scrum Alliance, the largest certifying body in the Agile community, today released State of Scrum 2017-2018, an annual report that this year shows Agile transformation firmly on the horizon for organizations around the world.

丹佛,科罗拉多 - 敏捷社区最大的认证机构Scrum Alliance,今天发布了Scrum 年度调查报告(2017-2018年),今年的年度报告表述了世界各地的敏捷组织正在紧锣密鼓地进行转型。

Approximately half of respondents – 53 percent – report current involvement in an Agile transformation, and of those not currently involved in an Agile transformation, 56 percent anticipate one in the future.


“The future is Agile,” said Scrum Alliance interim CEO, Lisa W. Hershman. “It’s more exciting than surprising to see a majority of respondents either involved in or anticipating Agile transformations. It’s something that’s been in the collective subconscious of the business world for years now.”

“未来敏捷化Scrum 联盟临时首席执行官Lisa W. Hershman说, “更令人兴奋

令人惊讶的是看到大多数受访者正在参与/期待敏捷转型。 这是多年来商业世界的集体潜意识。”

Respondents reported the primary catalyst for implementing a full-scale Agile transformation was the issue of process. As digital transformation has steadily increased demand for faster turnarounds, user-friendly platforms and flexible goals, modern business demands ever more Agile workflows.

受访者表明:全面实施敏捷转型的主要催化剂是过程 随着数字化转型对速度的需求稳步增长,友好的用户平台和灵活的目标设定,现代商业对敏捷工作流程的需求愈加明显。

“Frameworks like Scrum make Agile accessible to departments, teams, and enterprises alike,” said Hershman. “Companies clinging to waterfall, top-down management styles don’t have the adaptability to keep up in the age of disruptive innovation.”


While many respondents anticipate change to come and suggest it is necessary to reach business goals including improved satisfaction with products delivered, better time to market, better quality and improved staff morale, 57 percent say organizational design and culture is what holds Agile transformation back.


   More than 2,000 Scrum professionals responded to the 2017-2018 survey, representing 91 countries and 27 industries. Virtually all – 97 percent – say they will continue to use Scrum in the future.



想要了解更多信息,请查看Scrum联盟:the State of Scrum.