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Scrum联盟最新推出产品负责人个人提升工具 - PO PI Tool


· Scrum联盟最新推出“SM个人提升” 工具

ScrumMaster Personal Improvement

Powered by Comparative Agility and Scrum Alliance, the Product Owner Personal Improvement (PO PI) tool will be accessible to all active CSPOs on their member dashboard in July 2021.

在Comparative Agility和 Scrum 联盟的强力支持下,产品负责人个人提升 (PO PI) 工具将于 2021 年 7 月在其会员仪表板上向所有活跃的 CSPO 开放。

The tool can be used by CSPO to assess their PO competencies, see how they rank relative to other product owners and provide recommendations on how to improve their skills over time.

CSPO会员可以使用该工具来评估他们的 PO 能力,查看他们相对于其他产品负责人的排名,并提供有关如何随着时间的推移提高技能的建议。

Mention this valuable tool to all CSPOs so they can continue their learning after taking the course. The PO PI tool is accessible to them on their dashboard after they accept their license and create a Scrum Alliance account. 

告知所有CSPO会员这个宝贵的工具,以便他们在完成课程后可以继续学习。在他们接受许可并创建 Scrum Alliance 帐户后,他们可以在仪表板上访问 PO PI 工具。


1、Log into your account and you'll see the latest tools from Scrum Alliance in member benefits:

登录帐户,您将在“会员权益”中看到Scrum Alliance的最新工具:

Product Owner Personal Improvement Tool


2、Next you can click LOGIN button in the upper right corner to log in your personal account.


3、Enter your Email and Password to log in. 


4、After logging in, click the Take Survey button in the upper right corner of the page.

登录后点击页面右上角Take Survey按钮。

5、Then we can see a window containing Product Owner PI 48 questions. Click Take Survey to start.

然后我们可以看到一个窗口,包含PO个人提升的48个问题的问卷。点击Take Survey按钮开始答卷。

This survey is dedicated to helping you improve in your craft and has been created by a group of experienced Product Owners and Product Management professionals in the Scrum Alliance community.


Continuously improving how we work is at the essence of the agile mindset. By taking the survey on a regular cadence and exploring the curated recommendations, you are on an intentional path of personal improvement as a Product Owner.


⭐ Get Meaningful Recommendations

Created by a community of like-minded professionals, your personalized recommendations are based on your score and progress over time. Because every professional is unique.

⭐ 获得有意义的推荐


 Track Your Progress

Get all the information you need to understand where you are now and where you’d like to go next.

⭐ 跟踪您的进度


⭐ Keep Improving

By updating your progress and acting on your Personal Improvement backlog, you continue to improve where it matters to you as a professional.



Login today to begin improving how you work and the value you provide to your organization.


“…you don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been…”