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【十一特刊】CST一次值得的旅程 | Certified Scrum Trainer®: A Worthy Journey

Published on September 18, 2019

Howard Sublett 

Chief Product Owner at Scrum Alliance

无论我走到世界哪个地方, 总会被问类似这样的问题:

No matter where I travel around the world, I get asked some form of this question: 


"Why is it so difficult to become a Certified Scrum Trainer with Scrum Alliance®"


And I understand why. I know there are easier paths to becoming certified to teach Scrum and other agile frameworks with other organizations. Some certifications are as simple as taking a 3-day course and then being turned loose to teach the same material to everyone else in the world. Others have a test-only path! Yet Scrum Alliance continues to insist on trainers with years of real-world experience on Scrum teams and demonstrated excellence in Scrum and agile training. But why?

这一定和优先级有关系: 我们重视影响学习者的学习旅程.

It has to do with priorities: We value impact and the learner’s journey.


Agile Training That Ignites

爱尔兰诗人威廉 巴特勒 叶芝说过:

The Irish poet William Butler Yeats said:


"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

Scrum联盟认证培训师的授课就是一个点燃火焰的过程。比如,我有一次和一个著名的保险公司的ScrumMaster共进晚餐,她告诉我她一直和她的同事推荐ScrumMaster认证(CSM)和Scrum产品负责人认证(CSPO) 的课程,当我问她为什么,她说

Courses taught by CSTs are fire-igniting events. For example, I was having dinner the other night with a ScrumMaster at one of the big insurance companies. She told me she has been recommending Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) courses for her coworkers versus other options. When I asked her why, she said,

大部分课程在知识传授方面还不错,但是太平淡了,但是我的ScrumMaster认证(CSM)和Scrum产品负责人认证(CSPO) 的课程改变了我的生活——我对敏捷和Scrum并不陌生。


"Most classes are good at knowledge transfer, but are pretty flat. But my CSM and CSPO classes changed my life--and I wasn’t even new to agile or Scrum. In both classes, the CSTs challenged me and inspired me to be more – and that’s the kind of impact we need here at my company."



We insist on excellent trainers because we believe agile courses have the power to reshape the way people think about the world of work. An individual who takes a course taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) will be encouraged and empowered to create more joyful, prosperous and sustainable workplaces. For those working in a traditional way, agility in general and Scrum in particular is a full-blown paradigm shift of thinking. It’s so much more than just a transfer of knowledge. 


We verify that our Certified Scrum Trainers are at the highest levels within this industry so that we’re confident they have what it takes to light a fire.


Agile Training That Is Personal 


We believe in agile training that is specific to the learner. Some certifying bodies prioritize training as many people as possible, which generally means using standardized training decks. Others focus on a test as a means to measure knowledge. At Scrum Alliance, we value the learner’s journey above all else, so we prioritize trainers that are able to meet learners wherever they are. 

因为我们知道我们的Scrum认证培训师在行业中是最有资质的, 我们可以给予他们自由以最适合每种情况的方式涵盖课程的学习目标。对于某些人来说,这可能意味着高度互动的研讨会。 对于其他人来说,这可能意味着要在团队正在经历的现实环境中教授Scrum和敏捷原则,只要达到学习目标,教授课程内容的多样性可以和上课的学生一样多。

Because we know that our CSTs are the most qualified in the industry, we can give them the latitude to cover the learning objectives of the course in a way that best fits each situation. For some, that might mean a highly interactive workshop. For others, it might mean teaching Scrum and agile principles in the context of a real-world situation a team is experiencing. As long as the learning objectives are met, the possibilities for how to deliver the content are as varied as the students who come to the class.

还要记住。我们的Scrum认证培训师讲的是经验,而不仅仅是死记硬背的知识。 因此,当受培训人员有问题时,Scrum认证培训师有专业知识来讨论问题,激发深刻的理解和持久的改变。

Remember, too, that our CSTs speak from experience, not just rote knowledge of a topic. So when a learner has a question, the CST has the expertise to discuss the problem or to inspire deep understanding and lasting change.  


Becoming a CST Is Purposefully Thorough


At Scrum Alliance, part of our mission is to enable the impactful, individual learning that is fundamental on a path to sustainable agility. We believe the best way to do that is to certify only those trainers who share that mission. (This is why only CSTs can teach CSM and CSPO courses.)


If you are planning to become a CST with the Scrum Alliance, realize the path is challenging, and the destination is not something all can achieve. But know that those who do achieve a CST designation are among the most impactful and sought after trainers, fully endorsed by the largest and oldest agile certification organization in the world.