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What happens with CAL I?
CAL I will be discontinued on December 31, 2020 and CAL I language and courses will no longer display on our site. We are asking CAL-Educators to update their current course materials and descriptions to reflect the new program at their earliest convenience.

What happens with existing CAL I students?
Those with the CAL I designation will keep their designation and will not be rebadged (unless requested).
CAL I students can request to be rebadged by emailing support@scrumalliance.org

What happens to CAL II?
Remains as is. A combination of either CAL-E/CAL-T or CAL-E/CAL-O or CAL I acts as the prerequisite to pursuing CAL II.

Are these CAL offerings credentials or certifications?
Certifications. This means that students who earn one of these new designations will be invited to renew their certification in two years. Renewal requirements for the new CAL certifications are $50 and 10 SEUs per certification. Cost and SEU discounts will apply for those who hold other Scrum Alliance certifications. Please refer to the Renew Certifications page.

Why are these changes being made?
The changes to the program came about based on student and educator feedback, market demand and the intention of iterating on the program using what we have learned since its initial release.

Will there be changes to these new three certifications?
We will be collecting feedback on the program changes continuously after their release, and commit to implementing changes by December of 2020 to ensure educator and student satisfaction.

When can I start offering these new certifications?
CAL-Educators can start offering the new CAL-E, CAL-T, and CAL-O modules once they have updated their material; our system is ready to support the new program.

Will there be a change to the upload fee for students?
Yes, there will be a $25 upload fee per student per certification. This means that if you deliver only a CAL-T course, you pay $25 per student. If you deliver a combination course that covers CAL-E, CAL-T, and CAL-O the upload fee will be $75 per student.

How can I become a CAL-Educator?
The CAL Educator application process is now open to the Guide community. The application has been streamlined and application reviews are done internally by Scrum Alliance staff. The application fee remains $250 per course.

What are the new Learning Objectives for the new CAL certifications?
The new learning objectives can be found on your dashboard on your Scrum Alliance profile and are posted publicly on the CAL pages of our website. You can also find them by clicking in the links below. Please add your feedback on the LOs via the links further below.
Learning objectives:

How will customers learn about the new program?
Scrum Alliance will have a comprehensive marketing plan to create awareness of the CAL program and its benefits. Our intention is to use our platform to educate customers about agile leadership and its value, ultimately increasing interest in our courses.

Who do I contact for additional information?
We are at your service through this transition. Please contact teamleaders@scrumalliance.org