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Why ShineScrum捷行?

ShineScrum is the global leading company that focuses on professional Agile and Scrum training. It is co-founded by Jeff Sutherland, the original founder of the concept ‘Scrum’, Jens Østergaard, the world’s first CSP and Jim Wang, the domestic Scrum Alliance Certified CST Trainer with overseas background. Arne ahlander, an international scrum certified training master, and Martin von Weissenberg, an agile leadership cal certified lecturer, are also widely favored by domestic students.
We focus on online and offline CSM/A-CSM/CSP-SM/CSPO/A-CSPO/CAL/Scrum@Scale/LeSS certification training, and provide Agile Mindset and Leadership, Scrum Agile Development Essentials, Scrum Agile Software Development Management, Agile Product Management, Scrum Hardware Development, Scrum in Marketing, Scrum Embedded Software Development, Lean and Kanban, DevOps and other Agile engineering practical training courses.
Through certified training, coaching, counselling and advising, we help you to organize your business. Working with Shinescrum will optimize the efficiency, costs and quality of delivery, improving employee morale and providing sustainable long-term improvements. Our adaptable integrated training turns your business into a truly flexible agile enterprise.
Silver sponsor of Regional Scrum Gathering 2013 Shanghai Conference;
Regional Scrum Gathering 2014 Shanghai Conference training partner;
The only domestic gold sponsor of Global Scrum Gathering 2015 Shanghai Conference;
Silver sponsor of Regional Scrum Gathering 2016 Hangzhou Conference;
Silver sponsor of Regional Scrum Gathering 2018 Shanghai Conference;
Gold sponsor of Regional Scrum Gathering 2019 Beijing Conference;
Sponsor of Regional Scrum Gathering 2020 Shanghai Conference.

Why ShineScrum
  • ShineScrum(上海捷行企业管理有限公司)是国际Scrum Alliance联盟授权的在中国地区的注册教育提供商(REP);是国内拥有最多CST的认证培训咨询机构,可提供中英文授课;是目前独家常年可提供CSM/A-CSM/CSP-SM/CSPO/CAL/Scrum@Scale英文授课(除中文外)的认证培训机构
  • 我们的培训均是由国际一流讲师授课,原汁原味的Scrum,提供四星以上酒店场地、丰富的茶歇及自助午餐,为学员提供高品质的学习体验;
  • 参训学员来自不同的行业,会有更充分全面的互动交流和思想碰撞;
  • 讲师有资质为学员即时注册,培训结束当天学员可选择随堂考试拿证,认证考试通过率几近100%;
  • 定期在全国组织敏捷及Scrum社区活动,认证学员可免费参与,成为我们的会员,终身免费答疑;
  • 海量国际前沿敏捷知识和实践好文翻译及分享,帮您线下进一步学习敏捷。
Our Strengths
  • ShineScrum is co-founded by the co-creator of Scrum Jeff Sutherland.
  • The only one domestic provider with the most CST & Own the most qualified Scrum agile consultant team.
  • Deep understanding of Chinese and foreign cultures and the difference between Waterfall and Agile environments. Specialize in Agile transforming and implementing in China enterprises.
  • Focus on each customer and student; Consulting large software companies to adapt Scrum; Help individuals to become excellent agilists.
  • Instructed by World-class Agility Trainer Jens Østergaard and Jim Wang with overseas backgrounds.