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Certification Course > Agile Project Management and Product Development
Agile Project Management and Product Development.Online registration
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  • This course is a two-day combination of training and practice for project managers. It aims to help students have a deep and comprehensive understanding of Agile and Scrum. The course interaction and game exercises are very rich, close to actual combat, and very practical. Help trainees to solve practical problems in the process of Scrum and Agile implementation.
  • The course content covers the transformation of Scrum and agile thinking mode, the actual operation methods and skills of Scrum and agile project management, the building of efficient agile and Scrum teams, how to implement Scrum and agile in large-scale teams and cross-departmental remote projects, etc. The course will also Through a simulated Scrum project, as well as a large number of interspersed examples, exercises, etc., let students experience the working method of Scrum.

Course Features
  • In our ‘Workshop’ style lectures, we use highly interactive games and exercises led by our Senior Scrum Trainers, with several years’ experience in large led teams internationally including the United States. This program has been successful in delivering Scrum to a large amount of multinational companies around the world.

Course Audience
  • Any management looking to fully understand or try Scrum and Agile methods.
  • Companies that are preparing to import Agile methods and want to try Agile methods in some projects or some teams.
  • Looking forward to the front-line R&D team, human resources, product planning and strategy, marketing and sales, production and operation, financial and legal project management and other functional departments that are working hard to improve the overall Agility.

Contact Information
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  • ShineScrum捷行 (Shanghai Office)
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  • ShineScrum捷行 (Beijing Office)
    Room 220, No. 7 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China
  • Why Agile?
  • Project complexity
  • Agile thinking, values and principles
  • Overview of Scrum-The theoretical basis, framework and process of Scrum
  • Scrum role ScrumMaster, product owner, team cracking
  • Conversion of traditional roles to Scrum roles
  • Understand the definition of potentially deliverable and Done
  • How to plan and track
  • How to do reviews and retrospectives
  • The changing role of project management
  • Scrum meeting crack
  • Team structure in the Scrum environment, how to collaborate efficiently between teams
  • Project or product vision
  • Requirements management under the Scrum framework (methods and techniques for discovering, writing, refining and splitting user stories)
  • "59 minutes" simulated Scrum practice
  • Agile project progress tracking and reporting mechanism