• 敏捷领导力(CAL E+O / ALJ)认证培训
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  • A-CSM 国际Scrum联盟认证 ScrumMaster
  • CSM A-CSM一站式培训
  • ShineScrum捷行出版书籍
Certification Course
2024-06-29 ~ 30"Global Golden Course" - Certified ScrumMaster (Delivered in English at weekend)OnlineJim WangOnline registration
2024-07-06 ~ 07Certified Scrum Professional-ScrumMaster (Delivered at weekend)ShanghaiJim WangOnline registration
2024-07-13 ~ 14Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Training Online (Delivered at weekend)OnlineJim WangOnline registration
2024-07-13 ~ 14, 08-31 ~ 09-01CSP BootcampOnlineJim WangOnline registration
2024-07-20 ~ 21"Global Golden Course" - Certified ScrumMaster (Delivered at weekend)ShanghaiJim WangOnline registration
2024-07-27 ~ 28"Global Golden Course" - Certified ScrumMaster (Delivered at weekend)OnlineJim WangOnline registration
2024-08-03 ~ 04“领导企业转型必修课” - 敏捷领导者(CAL 1 / ALJ)认证(周末班)OnlineJim WangOnline registration
2024-08-10 ~ 11, 09-27 ~ 28CSPO+A-CSPO Bootcamp (Delivered at weekend)OnlineJim WangOnline registration
2024-08-10 ~ 11"Digital Innovation Products Course" - Certified Scrum Product Owner (Delivered at weekend)OnlineJim WangOnline registration
2024-08-22 ~ 24Certified LeSS PractitionerShanghaiYi LvOnline registration
2024-08-24 ~ 25"Global Golden Course" - Certified ScrumMaster (Delivered at weekend)OnlineJim WangOnline registration
2024-08-24 ~ 25规模化敏捷领导者认证Leading SAFe(SAFe® 6 Agilist (SA))北京+远程同步Minglan WangOnline registration
2024-08-31 ~ 09-01Certified Scrum Professional-ScrumMaster (Delivered at weekend)OnlineJim WangOnline registration
2024-09-21 ~ 22"Global Golden Course" - Certified ScrumMaster (Delivered at weekend)OnlineJim WangOnline registration
2024-09-27 ~ 28“PO高阶精进课程” - A-CSPO认证OnlineJim WangOnline registration
Adavance Reservation测试驱动开发(TDD)练功房OnlineZack WangOnline registration
Adavance ReservationEXIN DevOps Professional 企业内训Private in-houseFranklin Xu许峰Online registration
Adavance ReservationCertified ScrumMasterPrivate in-houseJim WangOnline registration
Adavance ReservationAgile Project Management and Product DevelopmentPivate in-house咨询课程顾问Online registration
Adavance ReservationCertified Coaching Agile TeamsOnlineSherry ChenOnline registration
Registration steps
  • 1.Students contact a course advisor to inquire about a course or register for a course online.
  • 2.The course advisor gives a discounted price and sends out an enrollment form.
  • 3.Upon receipt of the enrollment form, the student confirms the information, completes the payment, and returns the enrollment form and proof of remittance to the course advisor.
  • 4.The course advisor confirms receipt of payment, locks in the spot, and the enrollment is complete.
  • 5.Seven working days before the start of the class, the organizer notifies the class information by mail or phone and sends the pre-course study materials.